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Zion Hill Missionary Baptist and the Pastor's Anniversary

(Or, Church Anniversary Season, Part 4, although this an anniversary of a different sort.)

On Sunday, November 19th, I drove straight from the anniversary luncheon at Immanuel Baptist to arrive in time for the evening worship celebration at Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church. The celebration was in honor of the 23rd anniversary of the pastoral service of Rev. Dr. Richard Douglass and First Lady Rev. Grace Douglass. This was the final piece of a weekend of events including a banquet, a millenials worship, Sunday morning worship, and this evening worship, each with guest preachers and special music offerings. I wish I could have made all of it!

Once again, I was too caught up in incredible worship to take many pictures. One I've included here is of the church choir singing and the other is Pastor Douglass and the First Lady receiving gifts and words of appreciation from leaders of the church and its ministries. I always enjoy being able to observe congregations showing support and love to their pastors as well as seeing the joy pastors take from their ministry. The Holy Spirit is truly moving among, with, and through Zion Hill. Happy anniversary, Rev. Dr. and Rev. Douglass--and many happy returns!

There. I believe I'm now caught up on my travels and visits for 2023. Again, I apologize to those congregations I visited prior to starting up this blog. I'll be able to catch you up next time around! Meanwhile, if you want to send in your photos and what's been happening with you, I'll be happy to include it in this blog to share the news!

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