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Immanuel Baptist Church Celebrates 100 years!

(Or, Church Anniversary Season, Part 3)

Sunday, November 19th, was Immanuel Baptist's 100th anniversary celebration. We had a joyous worship with the church choir singing a hymn written by a church member, and the Rev. Paul Vick (church member since birth) preaching about the legacy of faith present in that congregation. Worship was followed by a luncheon with a program. During the program, several past pastors, community members, partnering congregations, and yours truly spoke about the impact Immanuel has had on individuals and the community in the name of Christ during that 100 years.

The church has faced many challenges in that time, including a recent church fire that resulted in an entire remodeling of the basement fellowship hall and kitchen area. I commented on the beauty of the new fellowship hall--the remediation and renovation revealed a beautiful brick wall that is now a feature of the space. It reminds us all that beauty can indeed come out of struggle. Sadly, I didn't think to take a picture of the wall in question--it truly is beautiful. You'll just need to visit the church someday to see it.

Happy anniversary, Immanuel! May you continue to follow God's lead in the years to come!

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