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Stay in touch using the Wix app

Always have your smart phone with you? Download the Spaces by Wix app from your app store and stay in touch with what's happening with ABCRGR easily!

You can register for events directly, read blog posts, and get notifications when a new step is available in a class you're in.

Did you join a group based on shared interests or are you part of one attached to a class or event? Chat with your friends in the group directly from your phone, get notifications when they respond, or see immediately when a new conversation gets started!

Remind yourself of the events you've registered for with a quick glance at your screen: You can even join directly from your phone if you're on the run!

Download this free app, set yourself up with a free account on the site, and stay engaged with your friends and our family of churches no matter where you are! (And yes, you can always turn off notifications when you're taking Sabbath. We encourage that, in fact.)

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