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Sharing an excellent article: "Self-care is different from self-comfort"

We all know that "self-care" is an oft-discussed and very important topic. However, admittedly, I have begun to get a little tired of the seemingly redundant exhortations to self-care rebounding through ministry circles. I don't think the topic is any less critical now and I believe it is something that clergy need to attend to. However, I began to sense a shallowness to the conversations and, certainly, got bored with the same things being repeated over and over. I would begin to tune out as soon as anyone suggested that "I think we need to talk about self-care!" Here we go again, I would think, wanting to hear something new but knowing it was unlikely I would.

This article is an excellent antidote to that. "Self-care is a multifaceted act of stewardship, which attends to multiple life demands," it states. Hear hear.

Check it out. Let me know what you think. I think it generates some necessary conversation about the depth of self-care we're promoting and that we're undertaking for ourselves. Leave a comment or join the Mental Health Collaborative discussion group on our website for more conversation.

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