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It’s Church Anniversary Season!

As our Region Administrator, Tarra Hartmann, has admonished me, I really need to start taking more pictures when I'm out and about visiting churches. It surprises me that I don't--I have a long history of being essentially staff photographer in past roles. I think it's simply that I enjoy being in the moment now, not having to worry about capturing things for posterity. Fortunately, there have been other folks much better wielding their phone cameras than I am.

On Sunday, October 29th, I had the privilege of participating in Genesee Baptist's 152nd anniversary worship service and (very tasty) luncheon. In this photo, Pastor Rev. Steven Wilson brings greetings to the large group of family and friends gathered to celebrate. With local elected officials and other dignitaries present, it was easy to see the impact this one congregation has had in the community over its 152 years.

And it's also good to see our family churches supporting one another as well. Second Baptist Mumford, St. Luke Tabernacle, and United Church of Pittsford were all in the house, and Dr. Linda Evans of St. Luke's was the guest preacher for morning worship. (You can't run into Rev. J.D. Jackson pastor of United Church, without ending up in a selfie!)

I apologize for missing posting about previous anniversary celebrations from earlier this fall but I did just get this blog up and running a few weeks ago, after all. And I've got more anniversary visits on the docket in the future, so I promise, I'll get better at this!

Congratulations, Genesee Baptist, and your congregation is in my prayers as you embark on year 1531

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