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On the Road Again...Ogden Baptist Church

I'm a little behind in documenting my visits to our region's been a busy few weeks!

I had the opportunity to take the long, long trip from my house to Ogden Baptist (less than 10 minutes away) to worship with the congregation in January. One of my favorite parts of my role is to see how God is at work in so many ways in the region!

Rev. Dr. Karma Denise Kagoro was called as Ogden's pastor this past summer, and it's good to see how they are journeying along the path that God has given them to walk together. I can feel the Spirit moving, for sure.

I also had the opportunity to attend an ecumenical community Ash Wednesday service hosted by Ogden a few weeks later--the church was nicely full and it was an excellent observance as our Christian community fellowshipped together.

I always hope that those of you reading these visit blogs take just a moment to lift up the highlighted congregation in prayer as you read--our region provides an excellent web of prayer support for one another!

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