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Celebrating East Penfield Baptist's Recognition: The Landmark Society Stewardship Award

East Penfield Baptist was honored by the Rochester Landmark Society with the 2023 Stewardship Award for work they'd done to repair and preserve their stained glass windows, using a New York Landmarks Conservancy grant. East Penfield has occupied their building on the same lot since 1836, although the building has gone through expansion in 1907 and a church fire in 1916. Another expansion to add a fellowship and education wing in the 1950s.

Rev. Robert Hoggard, pastor of East Penfield Baptist, gave his thanks at the award ceremony on November 12, 2023, during the Landmark Society's annual meeting. He spoke highly of the congregation's commitment and perseverence over the generations. It was good to be a part of such a celebration of recognition and to see several members of the congregation present at the awards as well--they're a small but mighty group and God works strongly through them!

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