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Ordination, Recognition, Lay Certification, Ministerial Review

ABCRGR Recognition Guidelines

Full guidelines for recognition of other denominational ordination in ABC Rochester/Genesee Region

ABCRGR Lay Ministry Certification Guidelines

In 2024, ABCRGR established the guidelines for Lay Ministry Certification. This criteria will guide the Ordination Review Committee's assessment of a candidate for certification as a Lay Minister in ABCUSA.

ABCRGR Ordination Guidelines

Full guidelines for ordination in ABC Rochester/Genesee Region

ABCRGR Recognition Checklist

Summary document for recognition in ABCRGR

ABCRGR Ordination Checklist

Summary document for ordination guidelines

ABCRGR Process for Ministerial Review

ABCRGR has an established process for responding to allegations of ethical violations on the part of clergy whose ordination records the region holds, or on the part of the Executive Minister of the region.

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